Computer Jammer


The Computer Jammer is a device slightly bigger than a large humanoid’s palm size that can be used to disrupt the normal operations of a computer core. In an ideal situation, the agent or their remote operator, would disable or fool the computer into ignoring or accepting the presence of the field agent and what they’re doing, but sometimes time is of the essence and the Computer Jammer is a messier option that allows one to quickly disable a computer system, and by extension the sensors and other monitoring systems linked to it; it is often considered a last resort due to the attention it draws and the somewhat unpredictable timeline of disruption it allows. When placed in direct contact to a computer panel with communication with the core, it induces an oscillating feedback loop into the computer’s circuits, preventing the computer from responding to any commands or other input.

Without the help of an engineer, the computer will deal with this disruption on its own by eventually rerouting around the computer jammer’s input; this can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours depending on what systems the panel the device is attached to has direct access to. With the assistance of engineers, the disruption can be traced and disabled in a shorter time, sometimes as little as a minute and often no longer than a half hour. If physically removed the system will restore itself to normal function within ten seconds.