Erebus is the code name for a mining colony situated in an asteroid belt similar to Sol's Kuiper Belt, and is used as a covert base for Starfleet Clandestine Operations. Starfleet had originally been planning on shutting down the outpost after many years of good deuterium mining had finally started to taper off, but intelligence stepped in before the official order was put in place, and after making it look like a new vein of deuterium had been located elsewhere in the belt, set up their clan ops base within.

Facility Layout

The facility is built into one of the larger asteroids within the belt with the uppermost level built above the asteroid's surface and the remaining built within. Some sections are open to everyone, including visitors looking for trade and mining rights, and other sections have varying degrees of limited access. As asteroids are depleted of deuterium and other useful materials they are converted to do other things such as: serve as storage and processing facilities, and host sensor arrays and defensive platforms. The defensive platforms and sensor arrays are not just for potential hostile encounters with other cultures, but serve as an early warning system and response to various objects that pose a safety threat to the installation such as asteroid fragments, the occasional comet, and space debris.

The asteroid itself is allowed to mostly follow it's natural course within the field, slowly rotating and drifting through the belt. A kit of thrusters have been installed on all sides of the asteroid to allow for emergency maneuvers in case of incoming threats and the occasional stabilization burn to allow for easier landing and docking with service craft and starships that are small enough. Heavy duty shields are in place over the exposed level of the installation, and ablative armor blast doors are available to enclose the exposed areas if needed. A small beacon is attached to the edge of the asteroid that is most often pointed forward, and for orientation and navigation purposes is referred to as Forward.

As the base has been in operation for a few decades by now, most of the design and materials used are looking a little worn and dated. The arboretum is a new addition, and as such reflects newer design sensibilities and materials. Upgrades to critical system have come as the technology has advanced, and less critical systems get updated as time and maintenance cycles have allowed. The addition of Levels four and five since Commodore Akoro took command for Clan Ops purposes also reflect the newest technology, materials, and design sensibilities, and as such are noticeably different than the other areas of the installation. Levels four and five also feature higher security capabilities, including stronger and more frequently located force fields, security access panels for ocular, biometric and voice print scans, and holographic projectors covering all areas.

Level One

This level is located above the surface of the asteroid, on what is referenced as Top, and contains many important parts of the facility:

  • The Command dome is located in the center of the first level, and it is twice as tall as the rest of the structure, open to the top of the transparent aluminum dome with an observation platform that circles the base even with the top of the surrounding sections, providing a 360° view of surrounding space and the surface of the asteroid. Access requires appropriate duty assignment, or command approved escort.
  • The arboretum is located in the forward most section.
  • Landing pads and docking bays sit to port and starboard sides of the command center with elevators available to lower service craft down into service and storage areas in the second level.
  • Conference rooms alpha through epsilon are located along the Aft section. Alpha and epsilon are the largest, with beta through delta provided smaller spaces.
  • Two personnel transporter rooms are located just Aft of the command dome, and cargo transporters are located Port and Starboard of the command dome.
  • Various workshops, labs, and offices fill the space between the command dome and the conference rooms Aft. These are mostly delegated to low security purposes.

Level Two

The first level down below the surface of the asteroid, it spreads wider than the level above it and takes advantage of the natural shielding that the asteroid provides by leaving a layer of asteroid between the first level and second, only cut through where needed for access hatches, turbolifts, and the elevators for the service and storage of craft and shuttles.

  • Crew and Guest quarters ring the outer edges of this level along the Aft end.
  • Mess hall and reception area located in the center.
  • Recreational facilities such as holosuites, gym, and common areas are located between the mess hall and the quarters.
  • Sickbay is located in the Forward section of this level.
  • Service and storage areas are located to the port and starboard sides under the landing pads and docking bays.
  • More workshops, labs, and offices occupy the Forward area of this level. These are delegated to higher security day to day operations of the installation.

Level Three

This level is dedicated to Starfleet personnel only, and requires either escort or assignment to this installation for access. It is also the only way to gain access to clan ops dedicated areas of the facility, as none of the turbolifts with access to levels one and two can reach levels four and five.

  • Crew quarters for higher ranked officers and visiting officials.
  • Workshops and labs for more secure projects.
  • Command team conference room and offices.
  • Engineering containing computer core, power systems, waste reclamation, environmental controls, and other related systems and controls.
  • Access to turbolifts into Clan Ops only levels four and five, these turbolifts are available in four locations, one each Forward, Aft, Port, and Starboard.

Level Four

No mention of this level is made above level three, and access is restricted to only those with security clearance. Only accessible via turbolifts that start in level three.

  • Emergency Command Center for Clan Ops related needs and in case the main control center is compromised or damaged.
  • Level one of the covert hanger for the docking and maintenance of Clan Ops vessels.
  • Clan Ops dedicated computer core.
  • Workshops, labs, and cargo bays for projects and supplies specifically for Clan Ops related missions and maintenance of Clan Ops related assets.

Level Five

No mention of this level is made above level three, and access is restricted to only those with security clearance. Only accessible via turbolifts that start on level three.

  • Level two of the covert hanger for the docking and mainenance of Clan Ops vessels.
  • Crew and Guest Quarters for those who can not be exposed to the civilian populations on levels one through three.
  • Workshops, labs, and cargo bays for projects and supplies specifically for Clan Ops related missions and maintenance of Clan Ops related assets.