Golden Gate Transit Authority


The Golden Gate Transit Authority manages a number of transportation services for San Francisco and surrounding greater bay area including, but not limited to, public transporter hubs, trains, shuttles, and self driving cabs. With the exception of the historic cable cars and street cars, all GGTA service is quickly identified by the prominent use of international orange in the same tone as the Golden Gate Bridge. All service is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Historic Cable Cars and Street Cars

A number of the original cable and street cars had somehow survived through World War III and made their way into private collections around the would in the years after, where some were restored, others modified, and the rest maintained in the state they were found. It was in the mid twenty-second century, an initiative was started to acquire them to restore the historic service. Most people in possession were happy to hand them over in exchange for their name going on a plaque and a featured spot in the dedication ceremony that occurred when enough were restored to start service.

All cable and street cars in service feature their full history, as well as they can be researched against old records and where they went after the war, which can be accessed in the new cable car museum, as well as pulled up at stops and on the cars themselves.

Shuttles and Trains

A network of high speed subway and surface trains spread throughout the area, interconnecting a number of high traffic locations such as dining and entertainment districts, parks, museums, office buildings, and various Starfleet buildings including HQ and the academy.

The trains connect to shuttle launch areas for those who are wishing to travel into orbit, or to other major cities in a more leisurely fashion than a transporter would allow. Shuttles also allow for larger items to be transported without need to gain access to a larger cargo transporter.

Public Transporter Hubs

For longer distance travel, public transporter hubs are located in all cities around the globe, allowing people to move from one city to next quickly, then take more local transportation from there to reach their final destination. To increase efficiency and safety, the public transporter network will only transport from one transporter hub to another, unless overridden by high level Federation or Starfleet officials.

Self Driving Cabs

For everywhere that the trains, shuttles, and transporters don't reach, San Francisco offers a fleet of self driving cabs. They are a common sight in the streets of the city, and come in a number of sizes and configurations ranging from a simple one to two person three wheel pod up to an oblong that'll seat a dozen people all facing inward for conversion.

They exist on a mesh network, constantly in communication to discuss traffic, weather, and locations in high demand for passenger pick up based upon current activity, historical trends, and scheduled events. Inside they provide climate control, optional window tint, and access to news, weather, and other public information networks.