Here you'll find the resources necessary to help us get the word out about our game — this includes art resources, colors and fonts, as well as what to link and what wording is recommended.

Links should direct to, but if the place you are advertising has room for additional information, you may also link the following:

If you are posting somewhere that wants an email address, please contact the command team and request that they post the ad. Thank you.


Primary Accent:       #81ce38   rgb(129,206,56)    cmyk(37,0,73,19)
Text:                 #ffffff   rgb(255,255,255)   cmyk(0,0,0,0)
Secondary Text:       #b5bbb4   rgb(181,187,180)   cmyk(3,0,4,27)
Background:           #000000   rgb(0,0,0)         cmyk(NaN,NaN,NaN,100)
Secondary Background: #374237   rgb(55,66,55)      cmyk(17,0,17,74)


Headings are in Teko Bold, body text is in Oswald. Both fonts are available for free from

Media Assets

Ready to Use

Please download these files and host remotely. If you can not, please contact Amy for help.

Vector Art

File on PADD, requires an active PADD account. Please contact the Command team if you do not yet have one.