Lucy Stewart


Lucy grew up on a cargo transport, the Starburst, which her mother worked on. She never met her father, as her mother had sued for a restraining order and divorce about the same time that she'd found herself pregnant—knowing she had a child on the way had been the final nudge to get Cheryl to end her abusive relationship with her husband.Cheryl's best friend had gotten her the job, but Sally had soon found herself a husband in Starfleet and moved to live with him at his posting, leaving Cheryl without anyone she was close with as she raised Lucy. About the time Lucy was five, her mother started dating the new pilot of the cargo transport, Albert Striker.

At first, everything was great, Albert was kind and attentive of both Cheryl and Lucy, but not long after he'd moved them into a larger shared bunk with him, he started to get possessive of Cheryl. At first he'd just pressure her into not spending time with the rest of the crew or not going off the ship without him when they were in port, but it wasn't long before he started hitting her. He was always sweet to Lucy, and when Lucy got brave enough to step between them when he was hitting her mother, he backed down... but it wasn't long before he'd just wait for when Lucy was not around to hit Cheryl.

Lucy tried to go to anyone she could get to get help for her mother, but no one believed her. Cheryl kept a regenerator in their bunk and healed up any bruising and damage he did to her, and denied it when anyone followed up on what Lucy had told them. Soon, no one believed Lucy and she grew sullen and withdrawn. She tried her best to always be in the bunk when her mother was, but never stayed there with Albert alone. Somehow he'd still find ways to get Cheryl alone and hurt her. When she was eleven, Albert told Cheryl he wanted to adopt Lucy as his own, and that was the final straw for Lucy. At the next port the ship docked at, Lucy got off and never looked back—if her mother wouldn't accept help when Lucy tried to get it, she couldn't do anything about it.

In her absence, Cheryl went along with Albert's demand to adopt Lucy as well as marrying him. Within Federation space, there was a missing person's notification broadcast and there were a few near misses where the local law enforcement attempted to collect Lucy to take home. At fifteen they suceeded, and that's when Albert's temper turned to her, but Lucy had toughened up when she'd been on her own so she did something her mother never did—she fought back. She was tried as an adult for attempted murder, and sentenced to ten years in a penal colony.

She got out on probation in five years, good behavior being a large contributing factor. She drifted between jobs for a couple years, trying to find something that was a good fit, until she found herself employed by Carrington Security. Tahlia Carrington took notice of Lucy soon after, and ended up flexing her influence to see the young woman promoted to head of security. Despite some incidents under Lucy's guidance, she's remained employed because of Tahlia's influence.