Operational Code Name List

For the protection of the crew, and ease of communication, everyone has an operational codename that is used when in the field or when communications may be compromised. For your convenience the code names will be listed here. It is recommended when you're writing a log set in the field (usually an away mission), place the op code name for each crew member involved in a note at the bottom of the log for easy reference while writing. For more information on any of the names in use, and for options when selecting a new name, you can start with Wikipedia's page on Greek Mythology and GreekMythology.com.

Crew Member Op Code Name Position
Capt. Amelia Waterhouse Persephone Commanding Officer
Cmdr. Alleira Tomar Ekecheiria Executive Officer
Lt. Sienna Oswin Styx Chief Engineer
Lt. Zola Metis Research & Development Specialist
LtJG. Lexil Daphne Stellar Cartographer
LtJG. Lem Broll Paieon Surgeon
LtJG. Cillian Jarkill Hermes Pilot
LtJG. Mayoko Takeuchi Thalassa Demolitions Specialist
Ens. Veda Dragomirov Artemis Combat Medic
Ens. Neevvi Ogai Apate Infiltration Specialist
Ens. Drayok Fenlux Tauris Holographic Systems Specialist
Cn. "Centurion" Isaac Drummond  Talos Engineering Crewman
Erebus Base
Com. Akoro Kamar Hades Mission Handler
PO3. Cecil duPont Cerberus Mission Handler's Yeoman

Special Use

Not all code names are specifically assigned to a person. Some function as key words to assist the comm system into routing particular calls to specific functions instead of people.

Op Code Name Function
Hermes Will route you to someone active at transporter controls.


While these operational code names are not currently in use, it's recommended that you attempt to select one that's has not been previously used when selecting yours. Any reuse of formerly used code names must pass command team approval. If the character died on active duty with the ship, no exceptions can be made.

Person Op Code Name Status
Lt. Quinn Casey none assigned Transferred
Ens. Selok Hephaestus Transferred
Ens. Eifysiene Zivasd Siren Transferred
Ens. Mitsue Desai Prometheus Transferred
Ens. Kenneth McCormick Menoetius Deceased
Ens. Sharrina Blacklance Athena Transferred
Ens. Lily Charlson Apollo Transferred
Jonas Refelian Chronos Unknown
Ens. Ri'Omkir Khamnin Maia Did Not Arrive
Ens. Helen Warren Panacea Did Not Arrive
Ens. Roxanne Jorgensen Leda Transferred
Lt. Cmdr. Rik Caine Helios Retired from Starfleet
Ens. Horan Countrymouth Sinon Transferred
Ens. Ikko Sisko Aristaeus Transferred
Ens. Elias Larsson Ares Transferred
Lt. Streeh Khan II Lēlantos Transferred
LtJG. Catalina Barnes Coronis Transferred
Ens. Kelly Liebenswert Kleiô Transferred
Ens. Kenny Fleegman Pan Incarcerated
Ens. Naarv Sisyphus Transferred
Lt. Cmdr. Thalzejiv sh'Teris Pandora Transferred
Ens. Maksima Akadi Nyx Transferred
Ens. Kaylhan Vausse Electra Transferred
Ens. Peter Sovik Lycus Transferred
Ens. Tucker Ward Perseus Transferred
Ens. Varik Galene Transferred
Ens. T'Kena Agnodice Transferred
Ens. Liam McKenzie Prometheus Transferred
LtJG. Harper Drake Psyche Retired from Intelligence