Romulan Star Empire


After the loss of Romulus in 2387, to a supernova of a nearby star, the Romulan people were left few in number and far flung. The subjugated species on other planets within the empire took advantage of this disruption of power and reduced resources of the Romulan people to break way from the empire and form their own governments. Some of them even petitioned to join the Federation.

The attempt to save the planet by use of a red matter singularity to consume the supernova lead to the loss of Ambassador Spock, and created a movement to attempt to build a kinder, less xenophobic, Romulan government. The hope was to bring together the far flung remains of the race, and serve as a memorial to Ambassador Spock and his efforts to reunite the Romulan and Vulcan peoples. After selecting the leaders of this new government, their first order of business was to find a new home world. This proved difficult, as many planets in the known parts of the galaxy were either inhospitable, or they were already occupied.

As the search for a new home world stretched on, and no solution appeared to be in sight, factions arose among the populace who felt they should take their new home world by force, instead of trying to find something not already claimed. These groups slowly grew in power, with the first attempted coup occurring in 2396. As the Federation had been quick to negotiate a peace accord with this government, they were also quick to dispatch assistance to help put down this coup. The next coup attempt was made by a faction calling themselves Ralaaram Ocala (Fire From the Sky when translated to Federation Standard) in 2399, and like the previous attempt, this one also failed due to the Federation stepping in. The leader of the group was killed in the attempt, and in his place a younger man by the name of Sarik tr’Vrenak rose to power. 2405, the Cretak family and the Ralaaram Ocala coordinated to execute another coup, but this one fell apart due to disagreements between the groups and did not require Federation assistance to stop.

In 2407, the new Romulan Star Empire reached an agreement with the Yridians to cohabitate their homeworld. The Federation established an embassy near the empire's new seat of power by 2408, placing an Intel operative as the press attaché within the embassy.