Starfleet Uniform Code


The USS Joshua Norton follows a relaxed uniform code. When on duty on the ship, or in other starfleet facilities in an on the record capacity, personnel are expected to comply with the uniform code as much as possible with allowances made for divergent grooming standards maintained for under cover work.

When on duty openly as intel, crew of the USS Joshua Norton will wear the department color of intelligence — black. Haircuts and facial hair are allowed to diverge from the uniform code, as long as a clean and well groomed appearance is maintained on duty. Jewelry and other non-uniform decoration not otherwise covered in the uniform code are only allowed if cleared with the command team first.

The Uniform

Starfleet continues to use the version of the duty uniform introduced in the 2370s, with the following additions:


Starfleet elected to reintroduce a skant variant of the uniform into the standard uniform rotation. Like the version available in the 2350s-2370s uniforms, this variant is available to all genders. It is primarily black, featuring blue-grey shoulders and long sleeves with department color bands at the cuffs like the primary version, and is worn with department colored undershirt, and boots that either come to the upper calf or to just above the ankles.

Stealth Suit

Initially introduced for intelligence field work, the stealth suit has been made available to other Starfleet personnel, and does not display any division or rank indicators.


Still prototype technology, a holographic uniform is being developed for use by personnel that have special uniform needs. It can be programmed to take the appearance of any variant of the uniform, as well as a number of civilian and non-Federations designs, and with the help of a skilled programmer can also make the wearer look like another species. It is typically paired with undergarments that are designed to accommodate rapid size fluctuations comfortably.

This uniform is currently only in use by one member of starfleet: Lieutenant Streeh Khan II, a member of the Luga'Ru species. It is still in beta testing, and is detectable as holographic technology if scanned for.