Holoprogram Library


The following is a listing of holoprograms available to the crew of the Emperor.

Starfleet Issue & Duty Related

These programs are either the creation of Starfleet HQ & Academy think tanks, or they are programs designed in the field specifically for duty related training and other needs.

  • Flight Simulator: includes data on all current Starfleet vessels, as well as a number of civilian vessels, ally and enemy military vessels (which ones depend on the security clearance of the user).
  • Combat assessment and training
  • Prototyping test suite, including a number of diagnostic and assessment protocols


Guardians Of Pandrona

Guardians of Pandrona is series of fantasy role-playing games played on a holodeck. The games center around the creation of a character and then living a virtual life in the world of Pandrona.

The Waterhouse Family library

Amelia's family has an extensive personal holoprogram library which they make available to friends, extended family, and crews they share postings with. Most programs have a built-in framework known as duct tape, which makes it easy for even people uncomfortable with holoprogramming to adjust even the most detailed program to their needs.

  • Aperture Science - based upon a series of video games known as portal, the user navigates a lab with a rogue AI and a gun that shoots linked portals. Requires healthy knowledge of physics and a high fitness rating.
  • Pastafarian chapel - a pirate ship located near a deserted island with hidden cove. Created for Amelia's younger brother, an artist, ordained pastafarian minister, and captain of a civilian vessel. It features a midget choir, customizable weather, and a number of holocharacters for Friday services and various pirate activities such as ship to ship battle, drinking and gambling, and treasure hunting.
  • Tennis - A meta program that runs a borg invasion scenario, this program was the starting point for the training scenario they've developed for official fleet use. This program is designed to take the specifications from any setting the user had access to specifications for — real or fictitious — and run a borg invasion within the setting. The program is capable of being further customized by setting a realism factor, and is capable of being turned into a video game like setting with weapons drops and comical sound affects. The program started out as a personal training program for Amelia's mother, Diziara, but as her children got old enough she added the game-like settings to ease them into the training program and teach them the necessary survival skills for facing the borg.