Jaresh-Inyo steps down as UFP President, Vice President R'Murr takes over.
R'Murr wins bid for re-election as UFP President.
Martok's cleansing of Gowron’s supporters reaches a crescendo, leaving the floors of the great hall red with blood. Many songs were sung, and much blood wine was drunk.
Delta Quadrant colonization, first ships sent to build starbase with early version of slipstream drive.
President R'Murr wins re-election again.
Bajor joined federation under the guidance of Jean-Luc Picard.
Jean-Luc Picard wins UFP presidential election, riding on success of Bajor's joining of the Federation and his Bajoran running mate, Kaval Sadi.
Destruction of Romulus.
Jean-Luc Picard wins re-election.
New Romulan Star Empire Formed.
Xenex joined federation.
Romulan Peace Treaty with Federation - Treaty of Vulcan, signing held at Mount Seleya.
Kaval Sadi wins UFP presidential election.
Talax petition to join Federation, process slow going because there are so many details to smooth through.
Thravralla sh'Vylas wins UFP election due to Kaval Sadi failing to continue Picard's legacy.
Coup attempted by Cretak family, failed in part due to Federation assistance to sitting government.
Ferengi society in chaos after a Latinum crash and run on the banks after futures market crash.
Coup attempted by Ralaaram Ocala, failed w/ Fed assistance to sitting gov.
Sm'hagh wins UFP election due to Thravralla sh'Vylas overseeing Ferengi economic collapse and attempted Romulan coup.
Sm'hagh wins UFP election again.
Coup attempted by joint effort of Cretak family and Ralaaram Ocala, failed due to internal fighting.
Agreement reach with Yridian gov for Romulans to cohabitate their home world.
T'Val wins UFP presidential election.
Federation Embassy established near Romulan capital.
Cardassian Retaliation Strike Against Dominion. Cardassians succeeded in little more than giving the Dominion a black eye, and slinking back home to continue rebuilding.
Battle of Sherman's Planet — joint space/ground defense of the sector from a Borg sphere by a Federation/Klingon alliance. All Federation ships involved in battle lost, including Enterprise E; the Klingon Flagship is only surviving ship. During the final moments of the battle Martok decides that the only way to vanquish the Borg is an honorable sacrifice, taking the sphere down by ramming it. Despite the fact that it clearly had been winning, the sphere stages a sudden and unexpected retreat, vanishing completely from sensors. Klingon ship picks up escape pods and transports surviving Federation personnel back to Federation space.
Enterprise F launches from Utopia Planitia.
T'Val reelected as UFP president for handling Borg conflict well by public's perspective. The PR campaign drives wedge between civilian political establishment and Starfleet due disagreement about continued Borg threat. As more information is released about the Aid efforts after the elections, it became clear that some of the aid was superficial and clearly ignored Starfleet and the Klingon empire's recommendations and reports on what aid was needed. T'Val continues to maintain her version of events and denies any concern for further Borg attacks, claiming the valiant attempt to ram the sphere by the Klingons was enough to scare away the Borg and prevent their return. Resources are denied to prepare for possible return Borg strike.
Nulka named Grand Nagus officially, after having served as proxy for Rom, with him having been an absent Nagus since 2396.
'ovelya, a Klingon and a discharged Starfleet officer who lost her mate to non-combat related wounds during the recovery from the Battle of Sherman's planet, assassinated UFP president T'Val during a public speech. During her attempted escape she killed a Starfleet security officer, and was publicly arrested to much media coverage. During a transfer to a penal facility two days later, she was murdered. As conspiracy theorists observe that a few things don't quite add up, the public rallies behind T'Val's vice president Xin, who had politically butted heads with T'Val over the response to the Borg battle.
Xin runs for re-election with his VP Korin Dalax and their primary opponent is seen to be a Tellarite named Figga and her running mate, a Deltan named Ledda.
Pre-Launch plot Dragonfly
September 15 USS Joshua Norton (NCC-74819-A) launched from Utopia Planitia shipyards, starting the plot Bonsai, running through mid October.
Xin wins reelection by a narrow margin
Late March the events of the plot Black, White & Red All Over and Goodnight Moon.
Early April the events of the plot Cup O Noodle, including the attempted bombing of San Francisco during a diplomatic visit by the Romulan Empress and Praetor by a Thalaon Radiation Device.
Early July the events of the plot Planet of the Sequined Love Nun.
Mid July the events of the plot Ozma, during which a coup is staged and Janicka Selok is deposed by her cousin Vimila Selok as Empress of the New Romulan Star Empire.
Late July the events of the plot Spoon Full of Sugar.